General Science PSC Exams Questions and Answers

1) Name of the insect which carries the parasite that causes sleeping sickness.

Ans: Tsetse Fly

2) What is the name given to the resin produced by lack insect?

Ans: Shellac

3) What are the larvae of house flies called

Ans: Maggots

4) Which animal forms connecting link between Anneelid and Arthropoda

Ans: Peripatus

5) What are the larvae of butterflies called

Ans: Caterpillar

6) What do you call a segment of tape worm

Ans: Proglottids

7) What is the function of flame cells

Ans: Excertion

8) In Zoology, what kind of animals are called Apivorous ?

Ans : Bee eating animals

9) What is the name of the larva of squilla

Ans: Alima

10) What is the host of Taenia Saginata

Ans: Cow and Buffalo

11) What is the common name of Dentalium

Ans: Tusk Shell

12) Name the anticoagulant present in leech

Ans: Hirudin

13) Name an animal that contains chlorophyll

Ans: Euglena

14) What is the name of the insect which is commonly found in our houses behind pictures on walls and amidst book causing damage to them

Ans: Ctenolepisma species

15) Which animal is commonly called as Devil fish

Ans: Octopus

16) What is biological name of praying mantis

Ans: Mantis religiosa

17) What is the common name of sepia

Ans: Cuttle Fish

18) Which sea animal is considered as a link between the vertebrates and invertebrates ?

Ans: Ambhioxus

19) Flying fish are fnish, but flying foxes are not foxes. What kind of creatures are they ?

Ans: Bats

20) Which order of mammels reproduce eggs but suckle their young?

Ans: Monotremes

PSC Questions - General Knowledge, Current Affairs

1) USA has asked India to reduce its dependence on crude oil supply from which country is also a member of OPEC ?

2) What does the letter 'F' denote in 'NBFC', a term seen very frequently in Banking world these days ?

3) Who among the following is the Deputy Governor of the RBI at present ?
H.R. Khan
4) Standard and Poor's is a Credit Rating Agency of international repute. Which of the following is one such agency of Indian origin?

5) Which of the following is not a highlight of the Union Budget 2012-13?
     i) No change in the rate of Corporate Tax.
        ii) All types of loans upto `35 lakh will be given on 6% interest only.
        iii) Service Tax raised from 10% to 12%.
        iv) Fiscal Deficit is targeted at 5.1% of GDP.
        v) Substantial increase in Defence Budget.
  Ans; All types of loans upto `35 lakh will be given on 6% interest only

6) Who among the following is the recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature given
        1) Bruce A Beutler 2) V S Naipaul 3) Thomas Transtromer
        4) Ralph M Steinman 5) Chetan Bhagat
 Ans: Thomas Transtromer

7)Which of the scheme was launched to make cities of India
Ans: Rajiv Awas Yojana

8) What is the unit of heat?
Ans: Joule

9) Who among the following is a famous author of Indian origin?
    1) Homi K Bhabha 2) Kiran Desai 3) Swati A Piramal
4) Shabana Azmi 5) Ronen Sen
Ans: Kiran Desai

10) Which award is given to the coaches of sportspersons?
       1) Dronacharya Award 2) Arjun Award 3) Kalidas Samman
   4) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna 5) Saraswati Samman
Ans: ) Dronacharya Award

PSC Questions about Kerala

Frequently asked questions on basic facts of Kerala

1) The state Kerala formed in the Year
Ans - 1956 November 1
2) Capital of Kerala
Ans - Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum
3) Population density 
Ans - 819 / sq km
4) Literacy rate of Kerala
Ans 90.92 %
5) Number of Districts in Kerala
Ans  14
6) Number of block panchayaths
Ans 152
7) Number of Grama Pachayaths
Ans 999
8) Number of Municipalities in Kerala 
Ans 54
9) Number of Revenue villages 
Ans 1452
10) Number of Taluks in Kerala 
Ans 63
11) Number of Corporations in Kerala
Ans 5
12) Number of contolment
Ans 1
13) Biggest district in Kerala
Ans Palakkad
14) Smallest district in Kerala
Ans Alappuzha
15) Highly populated district 
Ans Malappuram
16) District with least population
Ans Wayanad
17) Dist with high population density
Ans Alappuzha
18) District of Kerala lowest in population density
Ans Idukki
19) Northen dist
Ans Kasargod
20) District with high number in vehicles
Ans Ernakulam
21) Dist. of Kerala with lowest number of vehicles
Ans Wayanad
22) Biggest Taluk
Ans Eranadu
23) Smallest Taluk in Kerala
Ans Paravoor
24) North most legislative assembly of Kerala
Ans Manjeswaram
25) Head quarters of Idukki
Ans Pinavu

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